Sunday, December 11, 2011

This is why I coupon...

Couponing as always been a way for Chris and I to stretch our dollars and to help enjoy our life. And yesterday was a prefect testament to why I started couponing and why I continue to coupon.

Yesterday, we went to New York City for just 12 hours. Usually around Christmas time we take a bus and do the same thing to Chicago, but we decided to switch it up and go to NYC! We did some shopping, ate some New York Style Pizza, had a hot dog from a street vendor, took pictures at the Christmas Tree in Rockafeller Plaza and just enjoyed our day together. But we may not have had the means to do such a trip if I hadn't started couponing and saving money!

This trip was a great reminder to myself of why I coupon and why I love saving money!


  1. What an awesome idea! What bus did you take? I have been looking into megabus and it looks pretty cheap!

  2. Megabus all the way! And if you book far enough in advance then you can get tickets for as low as $.50! The price goes up as more seats are booked! When we have been on the east coast, we have done the bolt bus which just isn't as nice a the megabus!