Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Black Friday Weather! Dress Accordingly!!

My least favorite part about Black Friday isn't the lines, or the lack of sleep... it's the weather and having to dress in layers.

Last week I was watching Fox's "The New Girl" (Love it!), and Thanksgiving was referred to as the "least sexy holiday." And I agree and would like to add Black Friday into that to make it "The Least Sexy Holiday WEEKEND!"

I go from slaving in the kitchen all day and smell like sweet potatoes and chicken stock, to cleaning up, quick nap, then I have to figure out what to wear in line.

Tennis Shoes and Jeans... No Brainer. Leggings under my Jeans... the million dollar question. It will surely be cold in the middle of the night, but do I want to suffer a little in the cold so I don't burn up once I am in a swarm of people in the store. OR have to try and get out of the leggings in the back seat of the car while trying to maintain as much modesty as possible later in the day. I struggle with these questions every year. I would like the think I could just wear sweatpants, but I make Black Friday an ALL DAY affair... and I am a little OCD about going out in public in sweatpants.

But then I checked the weather!

St Louis weather looks to be MORE than ideal for some early morning an all day shopping! Thursday and Friday are showing no rain and fairly warm temps this year! My prediction is that a cup of irish coffee will keep you warm enough in line AND keep you nice and relaxed!

But then I remembered, I needed to check DC weather this year, not St Louis!!

And luckily it is about the same. Just a bit colder in the morning! Looks like the leggings are going to be a game time decision!

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