Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Black Friday Tips!

I love Black Friday! Luckily this year I am off on Black Friday so I can pace myself a bit better. The past couple of years I have had to work... But that didn't stop me from going out at 3am to get in line!

While Best Buy, Target and Toys R Us are a little much for me, the same principles hold true.

- Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. A lot of people just think about the shoes, but clothes are just as important! And, if you plan on trying on lots of clothes, shy away from turtlenecks and lots of buttons! And dress in layers so if you get too hot or cold you can add or remove a layer!

- Make a plan. Know who you are buying for and have an idea of what to get them. And don't rush to do it all by 3am! Pace yourself!

- Know the stores hours that you want to go to. Worst thing that could happen is you think they open at Midnight, but they really open at 5am!

- Set a budget. Only allow yourself X amount to spend or even X amount per person. That way you won't feel guilty spending in December when more great deals are bound to come around! AND so when you get your credit card bill in January you won't collapse!!

- If you are going with family or a group, COMMUNICATE!!! Ahead if time AND during! That way you will all know what each other wants to do and what stores they want to hit. And be realistic with meet up times! One hour might not even be enough time to get through a line!

- Be prepared to stand in line. Keep a bottle of water and maybe a snack with you! And if you are standing in line alone... Don't drink too much because no one will be there to hold your spot in line while you go to the bathroom!

- Ladies, if you have a hipster or sling type purse, take that one with you! That way you will have both hands free to shop and hold bags with!

- Most importantly, as hard as it may be, try to be patient, try not to get frustrated, be respectful and have fun! Everywhere you go is going to be a mad house! Expect to park in the back of the parking lot, expect to be shoved a bit, expect to hear some moaning and groaning! Don't get too frustrated when you don't get a deal, just remember that each store only has so many. And I hope you all have fun! I know I will be!!

- And if Black Friday isn't your thing, then cyber Monday is only a few days away! And who doesn't like shopping in their PJs!

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