Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The $29 Hunger Challenge: Can you do it?

When I began couponing, I was doing it to save money for Chris and myself. I never could have imagined that couponing would later become an outlet for me to help the community in the form of donations and sharing this skill. Over the years I have been able to provide for enough for ourselves and still be able to donate a significant amount just by couponing, following the sales and stocking up when the price is right.

I was able to share all of that when I did the show and now I share it everyday through this blog with all of you. By providing the weekly coupon match-ups, samples and deals I hope that you have been able to save you and your families money! Now I want to Challenge you to use your Couponing Chops for a good cause! And there is no donation required!

September is Hunger Action month and The Food Outreach of St Louis has issued a Challenge:

Can you eat nutriously on $29 a month?

Knowing that there are so many GREAT weekly deals and a lot of GREAT couponers out there, I spoke with Justin from Food Outreach to get more information on the Hunger Challenge and Food Outreach, and this is what he had to say:

"Food Outreach provides nutrition counseling and nutritious meals to men, women and children battling life-threatening diseases-HIV/AIDS or cancer.  With a Registered Dietitian and a Chef on staff, we know the importance of healthy, life-sustaining meals.  All of our low-income clients are eligible to receive 2 meals per day from our integrated frozen prepared meal and grocery program.  The average amount of food stamp (SNAP) assistance these clients would receive is $29 per week.  During September, Hunger Action Month, we are asking you to get involved.  Attempt to eat on only $29/week, host a canned food drive, blog about your experience, spread the word.  Visit to learn more about all the ways you can get involved.  E-mail for more information or start blogging!  We'd love to have you participate."

When I found out all about the Hunger Challenge I was excited to share it with all of you!

During the month of September, choose any seven days (or more) to live nutriously on $29 for you and your family!

Another thing I learned from Justin, is that toiletries, personal care and cleaning products are not included in that food stamp (SNAP) assistance that their clients receive. So I want to make another Challenge to all of you... Can you make that $29 include personal care items?

During the month of September, in honor of the Hunger Challenge and Hunger Action Month, I will be providing you with scenarios to help show you just how far you can stretch $29!!! As well as sharing some of my favorite budget and family friendly recipes (and aren't time consuming either)!

And just because the Hunger Challenge is based in St Louis doesn't mean you have to live in St Louis to participate!

I usually live on a $50 monthly Budget for Chris and I, but this month I am going to be doing the Challenge EVERY week in September so that I can show you what I was able to do with $29! I hope that you will join me and the Food Outreach in the Hunger Challenge!

And if you do join, I would LOVE to hear how you did/doing! Feel free to share your money saving ideas and scenarios in the comments!!

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