Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Panera Card: Sign up for FREE Goodies!

Now I LOVE starbucks coffee but I also love Panera. Unfortunately, I don't have a starbucks close enough to me to just stop into and get my favorite Venti Iced Upside Down Caramel Macchiato. But I do have a Panera/ Bread Co. just a few blocks away and the Caramel Latte is pretty delicious too!

Another reason I love Panera, other than the obvious, is their My Panera Card. I feel like I get FREE stuff almost everytime I go! This morning I went to go get coffee before I had to go into work, a bummer in itself, but then My Panera Card brightened my day and another reason to post! This morning I got a FREE breakfast sandwich on My Panera Card!!

In the past I have gotten smoothies, pastries, sodas, coffees and bagels!! YUMMO!!

Just head into your local panera and pick up one of the forms or ask an associate for one! Then take it online and register your card, here! And just for signing up, you will get your first reward! (Mine was a FREE pastry but Chris' was a FREE smoothie!). You also get one on your birthday!!

And even if you aren't a frequent Panera buyer, its still totally worth signing up for just for the FREE signing up reward!! Go here to get all of the details!

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