Monday, August 15, 2011

Have you ever wanted to see the first coupon?

This weekend Chris and I went to Atlanta just as a weekend getaway.

While in Atlanta we went to the aquarium, CNN Headquarters and the World of Coke.

While in the World of Coca-Cola we saw several versions of the FIRST COUPONS EVER!

Isn't that cool!

They also had an exhibit on what things cost in the 1900's and I thought it was interesting.

How about a newspaper... Only $.01!!!

How about toothpaste... $.25!

Yikes! I thought toothpaste was a little pricey over a century ago! Thank goodness for coupons that usually make toothpaste FREE... Or less than $.25 nowadays!

And Thank you Coca-Cola for creating coupons!

Sorry I haven't posted the weekly match ups but the deals will be coming soon!

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