Friday, November 18, 2011

Black Friday... Are You Ready?

One week from today I will be finding myself bundled up, cradling a cup of coffee in my hand, outside a TBD retail store before dawn even thinks about breaking. Yep, that glorious day is almost upon us, where lines outside our favorite stores are longer than the port-a-pottys at a Jimmy Buffett concert or any indoor attraction midday in August at Disney World... it's Black Friday.

While I have never stood in line at Best Buy, Toys R Us, Walmart or Target on Black Friday, because there just isn't one item that I want so badly that I would; I do love to get out at 3am with my family and do some shopping! Personally I usually find myself at Kohls. I always go straight for the Chaps clothing or the Kitchen area! I also like going to a store like Kohls because the whole family can split up, get what they want from various departments, and I didn't have to get in line at lunch time the day before.

I can barely remember what I bought at Kohls last year... but I do remember what I got at Macy's! Two red Cast Iron Pots that I LOVE!

This year we will be spending Thanksgiving in Virginia and when that happens we go to Potomac Mills! Before 10am-noon almost all of my favorite stores offer various discounts... Ralph Lauren, J Crew, Disney Store, Banana Republic, Nautica, Old Navy. So I am hoping to get out and do Kohls early then to Potomac Mills by 5am! Now if only they had a Vera Bradley Store!

On a side note, when I was at the mall the other day, one store already had a sign out front letting you know that they would be open at Midnight... it wasn't Macy's or Build-a-bear... it was Bath and Body Works. Really, Midnight?!? No offense Bath and Body Works, I love to give your lotions as gifts, I love your soaps and I love your FREEBIES, but Midnight? What deal are you going to have that is worth me checking out at Midnight... unless it is $1 Full Size Signature items, then I might have to wait until like 8am. Love you B&BW, just not Midnight love.

I have strayed a bit from the point I was trying to make, but long story short, there is a week left to decide whether you want to wait outside Best Buy or Target or Walmart or wherever. AND I will be trying to get you prepared and to make the best decision as to where to start. In the week ahead of us be on the look out for all kinds of Black Friday deals, here, under the label Black Friday!

So get your layers ready for the cold (Target has 2pk gloves for $2!) and get your coffee pot out, because its going to be an EARLY Friday! (And I might drive around and take pictures to report back starting on Thursday! My sister swears she is going to be at Best Buy at 3pm on Thursday...)

So get ready!

...And as I was looking around at Black Friday images, I came across one that made me laugh...

Can you imagine what this Grandma was saying as she lunged her way forward! You GO Grandma! Don't you let them get your Lego set!

Feel free to share your Black Friday plans in the comments below!

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