Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Sam's Club Open House Aug 5-7

Have you always wanted to try out Sam's club, or like to go with friends?

If so, head on over to Sam's Club this weekend when they are having an "Open House." That means ANYONE can go and take advantage of the deals and items at Sam's Club.

This comes at a PERFECT time as Tax FREE Weekend is also going on in Missouri! So if you have a child heading off to college or just want to stock up on a few essentials this would be a prime time!

To find out all of the details, go here!

Now I am a BIG fan of Sam's Club, but I can say for sure that not all of their "deals" are good. But they do have a few things I almost always get there:

Purina Dog Chow
Pretzel Chips
Tyson Frozen Chicken Breasts
Sheet Cakes (whenever we have to get a cake for a Birthday!)
Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
Bananas (They are almost always GREEN so they last a lot longer)
Pinnacle Whipped Vodka (Even cheaper than Randalls!)
Pearl Vodka (And the rebates are still hanging on the bottles making them just $1.48 each!)

And most of all... Sunday Papers! (They are $.50 cheaper!)

And with the Open House, I am sure they are going to have Samples GALORE!

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  1. The Sams Club in St. Charles told me they stopped selling the Sunday papers.