Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Best Buy: 20% off Ink, Toner and Paper on Wednesdays!

As couponers on thing we go through pretty often is ink and paper! And I always try to save as much as I can, where I can on those items.

And then I heard about Best Buy's 20% off All ink, toner and paper sale on Wednesdays! And if you buy it any other day than Wednesday, you can head in there any Wednesday within 60 days of the purchase and price match it to get the Wednesday price!

Go here to get all of the details!

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  1. Hi

    Thanks for the info! I really need ink today (its monday :( )...but I wanted to know more about bringing it in any wednesday within 60 days for a price match....Do you have to bring the ink and reciept with you? Does it have to be unopened? Does every store do it? thanks for the info in advance :)