Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Living Social: $20 to Whole Foods for just $10 AND coupons to sweeten the deal!

In case you missed my post earlier, TODAY 9/13, Living Social is offering a $20 voucher to Whole Foods for only $10! That's half off produce and organics without any coupons!

Go here to get this deal!

Then I went over to Whole Food's site and found COUPONS! Head on over here to print yours and to sweeten this deal even further!

$2 off 1lb or more of Mediterranean Crunch Salad
$1 off 8oz of 365 Everyday Value Grated Parmesan
$.50 off 365 Everyday Value Pitted Black Olives
$1 off 12oz 365 Everyday Value Grade A Maple Syrup
$1 off 25oz 365 Everyday Value  Organic Pasta Sauce
$1 off 14oz 365 Everyday Value Organic unrefined Coconut Oil
$1 off 64 oz 365 Everyday Value Distilled White Vinegar
$1 off 2- Blue Diamond Products
$1 off 5 Brown Cow Yogurt Cups
$1 off Candle Cafe Frozen Entree
$1 off 2 Clif Bars
$1 off Deboles Pasta
$1 off 64oz Earth Balance Organic Soymilk
$1 off Earth's Best Frozen Product
$1 off Ethnic Gourmet Frozen Entree
$1.50 off 2 Gluten Free Cafe Soups
$1 off Inagine Soup, Broth, Stock or Gravy
$1 off 12oz Bear Naked Granola
$1 off 2 32oz Lifeway Lowfat Kefir
$1 off Method item

And Much more!

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