Monday, July 11, 2011

Target: Cheap Bed Pillows!

Head on over here to print your coupon for $2 off Bed Pillows at Target!

Why am I excited about this coupon? Well Target sells their Room Essentials Basic Standard Pillows for as low as $2.50. (It may not be this price every where, but I have seen it this low in St Louis! They had this coupon last year and I was able to score some of these pillows for $.50 last year!)

These aren't the greatest pillows ever, but for $.50 these are great for car trips or to keep for company!
Or give to your kids for sleep overs in case they forget to bring them home!


  1. 3 Target coupons were selected from their site only 2 printed. The one I wanted most, the Pillow coup was not among them. When I returned to print, I rec'd an alert message saying I had reached my limit. Just to let you know, you may want to print your pillow coup 1st; go out then return to print any others.

  2. How much are the pillows this week?