Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mailbox Surprises!

Did you get your Zone Perfect Sample in the mail today?

I did, sort of... My Zone Perfect Bar sample came in the mail today, but I only saw the wrapper! My dogs got to the mail while we were at work and enjoyed the bar for themselves, leaving me nothing but a torn up wrapper to clean up!

But luckily, they left the coupon for $1 off a multipack or 2 singles unscathed! Amazing the coupon didn't have a single toothmark in it!!

Have you received any goodies in the mail recently?


  1. I got my Tide Stain Release coupons yesterday.

  2. I got my swiffer 360!

  3. I got my Swiffer 360 and my Tide Stain Release!!!

  4. I goitt my Zone Perfect today too

  5. this week I got two Garnier samples! Debbie D.