Friday, June 03, 2011

Sunday Coupon Insert Preview

This Sunday there should be 3 coupon inserts: a SmartSource, a RedPlum and a P&G insert!

Some of the coupons I am most excited about are a $3 off Oral B battery toothbrush, B1G1 Gillette Body Wash and $1 off A-1 Steak Sauce!!

I buy 5 papers every Sunday so I can stock up when there is a good sale!

Another tip to keep in mind is that coupon inserts vary by region. For instance, if you are in the St Louis Area, you could buy the St Louis Post Dispatch or the Belleville News Democrat. One problem, Belleville is a smaller region and may not have the same coupons or coupon values as the Post Dispatch.

It works the same way where my parents live in Virginia. If they buy the Washington Post there will be larger inserts with higher value coupons than in their local paper, the Free Lance Star.

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  1. cskittymom@yahoo.comJune 3, 2011 at 12:29 PM

    Target has $1 off A-1 steaksauce on their website.

  2. If you have several of the same coupon for the same item, can you buy more than one at a time? (and still use the coupon)

  3. How much do you budget a month for coupons? I see a lot of sites talking about the cost of groceries they paid for with coupons, but how much do you spend up front on the cost of coupons? For example I remember reading here that you have a budget of 50 dollars a month on groceries, but I'm going to guess that you spend about 40 a month on papers. Do you get coupons from somewhere else as well?

  4. What happens when you didn't get a P & G insert. I looked at all the papers today, and they only had the red plum and then smart source.