Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Stouffer's Dinner Club= FREE Products

I am a BIG fan of reward programs! I love that just by entering a few codes or filling out a survey or two, I can get FREE products!

I want to tell you about the Stouffer's Dinner Club Reward Program where for 300 points you can get a FREE Stouffer's Farmer's Harvest Meal! And the best part is that you don't have to buy a single Stouffer's meal to get this Freebie!!!

First you will need to sign up for the program. And just for signing up you get 100 points!

Secondly, Enter the codes below:

FARMERSHARVEST for 20 points
LASAGNA for 40 points
DINNERREWARDS for 40 points
SUBSPARTY10 for 20 points

Now you total should be 260!

And Last but not least, Click on the "Earn Points" tab at the top. There you will find 3 surveys.

Dinner Survey worth 100 points
June 2011 Survey worth 8 points
June 2011 worth 2 points

After all is said and done, you should have 370 points!

Then click on the "Rewards" tab at the top and scroll past the Summer Auctions to the Rewards. There you can redeem 300 points for a FREE Stouffer's Farmer's Harvest Meal!!!

I know that sounds like A LOT, but it only takes a few minutes from beginning to end! And then if you buy Stouffer's products in the future, enter the codes on the package because they are worth 20 points each! To get started sign up here!

AND don't forget the My Coke Rewards deal where you can get 60 points good for 2 FREE 20 oz cokes! Check out the post here!

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