Thursday, June 30, 2011


When I started this blog I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't know if anyone would ever see it. I had tried to start a blog on several occasions and just had never been able to find my voice... all I knew was that I wanted to show others how to save money realistically. And with all of your help, I feel like I have finally been able to accomplish that.

After I was selected for the show and filmed, I figured I would see the episode and then that would be it. All I had ever wanted from that experience was to be able to show that it is possible to save money and have a full and happy life. That you can coupon and save money at ANY age and you can still see savings while still working a 40 hour week.

Before the show not many people ever knew I couponed. A lot of our close friends and family knew, but that was about it. Even friends who had been to our house several times never even knew. So sticking my neck out and accepting to do the show was a BIG step for me.

After the show aired I had a mixed bag of responses but the overall response was WONDERFUL! So many people wanted to learn to save and all I ever wanted to do was to show people that saving money can be 100% realistic.

I have always said that Chris and I have been so blessed in every aspect of our life. Not everything has gone as we have planned, but never would I have ever guessed that couponing, the show or this blog was ever in HIS plan.

I want you all to know how THANKFUL I am for you. Without you I may have given up on this blog and never found my voice. I am truly so blessed to have so many wonderful readers! Couponing has always been a bit of a passion since I began, but you all have helped to renew that passion even more!

Know that I will always do my best to get the deals out to you as fast I can. And know that I am trying to keep up with your emails and comments. I am so sorry that I may not get to them as quickly as I would like, but I will get back with you. Thank you all for coming back everyday. Thank you all for your comments and emails. Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!!

And don't stop emailing or commenting! I try to incorporate your questions and comments into posts the best I can! If there is something you would like to see more of, let me know! This blog is for YOU!

Thank you all so much!!


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  1. I absolutely blame you/give you credit for my new found love affair with CVS...I'm getting to know the store employees! The 90% off shelf? MAGIC! AND...this week, CVS sold their Sunday papers for $1.50...Sams told me they are stopping (at least the one by work). Keep up the good work!