Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Coupon Lingo

When you first start couponing you will probably see quite a few abbreviations. And without a Rosetta Stone for couponing you might not know what all the phrases mean. Hopefully this will help get rid of some confusion and get you one step closer to your big savings!

Almost every Sunday there are coupon inserts in the newspaper. There are several types of inserts and each one has a special abbreviation. These are helpful when looking for coupons so you know what insert the coupons came out of.

RP- Red Plum Sunday Coupon Insert

SS- Smart Source Sunday Coupon Insert

PG- Procter and Gamble Sunday Coupon Insert

GM- General Mills Sunday Coupon Insert
These Abbreviations are very important to know because when a coupon blog lists a deal, they list it by what date the insert came out and what type of insert it was. Example: 4/10 SS or 4/10/11 SS
Coupons don't just come in the Sunday circulars anymore. Coupons come in all shapes and sizes; some are on product packages, others are printed right from your computer while other print off at the register. Knowing these terms will help you understand and locate a specific coupon.
Peelie- Coupon located on a product that can be peeled off
Blinkie- Coupon available in store from a dispenser, usually right next to the product
Tearpad- Coupon located in store, often next to the product or at customer service
IP- Internet Printable
MFR- Manufacturers Coupon
MIR- Mail-in Rebate
Catalina- Coupon that print at the register, often on a thin sheet of paper
Just like the above section stated, coupons aren't just found in Sunday Papers. Large chain stores often have store specific coupons. Stores like Walgreens have special coupon booklets with Walgreen only coupons. But there are other store specific coupons that print at the register that are equally, if not more important.
RR- Walgreens Register Rewards, Walgreens Catalina
ECB- CVS Extra Care Buck, essentially a CVS Catalina
B1G1 or BOGO- Buy One, Get One
OOP- Out Of Pocket
YMMV- Your Mileage May Vary
WYB- When You Buy
UPC- Universal Product Code. the barcode on products
Regional- A type of coupon that not all areas of the country received.
Now that you are well versed in Coupon Lingo, you are one step closer to some Extreme savings!!!
Happy Shopping!

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