Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mailbox Surprises

Most people hate checking the mail because there are always bills and things of that nature in it. As a couponer, I have to say, I LOVE getting the mail. There are always lots of fun surprises.

Today I got a few magazines (another great spot to find coupons) and a Penzey's Spices catalog!

Why am I so excited about a catalog? Well this catalog comes with a coupon for a free product!!!

Most months the coupon is for a specific spice. This month it is my pick!! This way I can check what I need and get it for free! WOOO!

If you have a Penzey's Spice near you, I would suggest signing up for their mailing list! Then you can start getting your free spices too!!

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  1. So true . I look forward to when I am expecting coupons from a trade or signed up for one. I am following you. Check out mine, I try to do local things around the the ST. Louis area/Metro East in Illinois.

  2. Hi Rebecca,my name is Emily and i have 5 kids and a 3 year old that i am raising for my sister,i watch and record each show in hopes of figuring out how this is done.i live in Halfway MO. about 400 miles north of you all and would love to attend your class,but cant afford the gas to get there so any kind of info. you can send me would be wonderful,i have stared to collect coupons just not sure how many of the same or how to deal with the stores,but i want to experiance extreme saving as you do....thank you...emily