Sunday, April 10, 2011

CVS 4/10/11

I have already been couponing this morning and was able to score some great deals at CVS!

I had a $10 ECB to start out and then when I went and scanned my extra care card at the Magic Coupon Machine, I got a $3 ECB for my Winter "spending!!!"

I paid 92 cents for 3 Bags of Easter Peanut M&Ms on Sale for $1.97 each (And they are Chris' favorite!). 2 Gain Dish Liquids and 4 Airwick Freshmatic Ultras! And after the Airwick deal and using my Green bag tag I received $11 in ECB back!!

This week CVS has an ECB deal on Airwick products. If you buy $20 worth of Airwick items you get a $10 ECB back.

You can find a $4 off any Airwick Freshmatic Ultra on You will need access to 2 computers to print 4 coupons.

Buy 4 Airwick Freshmatic Ultras -$24
Use 4 $4 off coupons- $16
Pay $8
Get $10 ECB back!

Easter M&M's on sale for $1.97

Gain Dish Liquid on sale for $.97
Check any P&G booklets for $1 off any Gain Dish
(CVS will have to adjust down the coupon)

Happy Shopping!

And don't forget to comeback and tell everyone how you did!


  1. Yeah I knew you'd get the Airwick deal. When I saw you and your boyfriend on TV I realized I had seen you out before couponing at the CVS in the city. Unfortunately your rude boyfriend bumped into me and almost plowed me down in the aisle and snatched the last couple of boxes right out from under me. He really scared my daughter. From now on please realize you will be recognized when your out and try to have some manners.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I'm sorry you had this experience, when did this happen. I feel this is actually quite out of character for both Chris and I, we try to be very mindful of others around us. If you see us again in the store feel free to say hi, we're pretty friendly and love chatting with fellow couponers.

  3. Im sorry to ask this, but what is ECB? I am very new to couponing and just dont know the lingo yet! thanks for all of your free info on this blog...i hope to be able to save the amount of money you do each week! I am so new and had no idea where to start until I saw your blog and heard you on the radio ...thanks again for the help!

  4. Hi Erin,

    Don't feel bad about asking! I am here to help you learn so that you save big too! ECB is an Extra Care Buck. CVS offers these on their sale items each week. CVS also gives Extra Care Bucks out each quarter depending on your spending! I will be posting all about Coupon Lingo this week for more info as well!

  5. I only see the $2 off coupon at CVS. Also, what is RP and SS when you post Coupon Lingo. Thanks :)