Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shop N Save Trip 4/14

During my episode of Extreme Couponing I admitted I would go to the store at anytime to get a deal. While most trips that I go couponing I don't abide by that because I value my beauty rest. But there are some days that I think the deal may be sold out or I won't get the product I'm looking for and I will go early.

Today was one of those days! The deal on chicken and Philadelphia cooking Creme was too good to pass up. Check out my post Here that explains the deal.

So Chris and I woke up early, got to the store when it opened at 6am and started shopping. I had to make sure I had planned everything out because I was on a time crunch! I had to do all of my shopping, go back home, put my stuff away and still be at work by 7am!!!

I started by grabbing the spices and chicken then moved onto the cooking creme. But there were only 2 packages left!! I found an employee to help. In a few moments a manager was bringing out more cooking creme, And in my favorite flavors (Savory Garlic and Italian Herb)!!

After I had picked up everything I needed, it was time to check out. I was so lucky to get an awesome cashier as well!

Once everything was rung up, my total after sales was $51.68! After all the discounts and coupons were applied, I walked out paying just $3.50 including tax!!! What a great way to start the day!!

Before Coupons and Store Discount: $51.68

After Coupons and Store Discounts: $3.50

7 Philadelphia Cooking Cremes : $2 - $1.50 coupon 3/6 SS

7 packages of chicken : Averaging $3.41 a package - in ad manufacturers coupon for $1.50

4 McCormick Grillmate Spices : $1 - $.75 coupon from 4/10 RP

1 NY Texas Toast Garlic Bread: $2 - $1 off coupon from tearpad found back in February

1 Jello Temptations: $2.88 - Free Product coupon from Kraft first taste

1 Fresca 12-pk: $3.22- Free Product coupon from My Coke Rewards

1 Coke Zero 20oz: $1.58 - Free product coupon from My Coke Rewards

And I used a $5 off $50 coupon for Shop N Save located in the St Louis area Entertainment Book. And Shop N Save had their $10 off $50 promotion!

Did anyone else take advantage of Shop N Save's $10 off $50 today? Tell us what kind of deals you scored!

Also if you are in MO and planning on buying over $10 in beef, seafood, or poultry, keep an eye out for a $10 MIR courtesy of Corona (no beer purchase necessary)!!! I know I bought over $10 of chicken today so I will be submitting for my $10 back! Making this trip a $6.50 Money Maker!!!

Happy Shopping!!

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  1. Can you explain how you got a coupon for chicken. I want to make a shop n save run today!

  2. Hi Cassi,
    There is an in ad manufacturers coupon that is available in store for $1.50 off the purchase of chicken wyb Philadelphia cooking Creme. There is no restriction on what type of chicken or anything. I was able to find chicken packages for about $3.50 a piece. But you could buy any type from chicken breasts to chicken wings and use the in ad coupon so long as you buy the Philly cooking Creme! HTH!

  3. Where do I find the $6.00 beer coupon? I never seem to see those?

  4. I live in Missouri and went to shop n save and Kroger and saved 50% my first time couponing. We were really disorganized and tired but we are coming up with a new method as I write(lol). I look forward to trying to achieve the 90%off mark.

  5. I LOVE COUPONS SINCE THE 1ST SEASON OF TLC SHOWS.. but i'm not an expert just yet my husband is a manager for shop and save in our town and i have a friend that does newspapers when all the un used newspapers are not sold he gives me the coupons so i don't pay for newspapers we also use the employees discount card too i love the Thursdays deals plus we get the weekly ad early so i can plan my trip i still need to find my way to organize the coupons but i'm sure if i do find it i can be a pro like everyone else my biggest deal i go was the purex crystals at cvs with the in store card and coupon i bought them out...