Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Guest Post: Adam Morgan Foundation Fun Run

One thing I have yet to mention is that I am a big advocate for charity. Charity can come in many different forms, from time, money or simply your couponing donations! But there is one I want to highlight today because it is a charity that is very important to my best friend Ashley! She has written up a post for us with all of the information! Check it out below:

Hello extreme couponers! I am writing a guest post on my lovely friend Rebecca’s blog to let everyone know about a great charity fun run on Saturday, April 30th!

With those big bucks that Becca has been saving you, a great thing to spend that extra cash on would be admission/donations to the race for the Adam Morgan Foundation.

The Adam Morgan Foundation strengthens families raising children with Autism Spectrum Disorders by providing resources, equipment and interventions at little to no cost. Rachel Morgan, the founder and mother of Adam Morgan, has done a wonderful job to promote inclusion in the classroom as well as give help and support to families raising children with Autism.

The AM Fun Run on Saturday April 30th at 7pm in Frontier Park near downtown St. Charles is in need of more runners to participate in the 5k or 10k races and volunteers to help run the event. There is also a 1.5 mile walk if you don’t want to run in the race!

Here is the website to the Adam Morgan Foundation where you can learn more about the foundation itself, how to donate and how to participate in the AM Fun Run on April 30th in St. Charles, MO at 7pm!

AM Fun Run page:

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