Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shop N Save 4/21

It's another $10 off $50 week at Shop n Save!! And there are definitely some good deals to be had.

There is a great Catalina deal on Splenda. WYB 2 Splenda you get a $3 coupon valid OYNO (on your next order) and if you buy 3 you can get $4 OYNO! I did both of these scenarios using the $3 off any 80 ct Splenda or more from the 4/17 SS. The store I shopped in had the 80 ct Splenda for $4.56! After coupons I paid $7.30 and got back $7 in Catalinas!!

I did a late Shop N Save trip (or early depending on how you look at it) so I could show you the deals! My total before coupons was 52.83 and I paid $.69!!!

Shop n Save is having another Catalina deal this week where you get $5 back OYNO when you buy 10 products!

I bought 5 Stove Tops at $1.24 using the $.50 coupon in 4/3 SS and 5 Kraft Big Slice Cheese at $2.50 using the $1 off coupon from the 4/17 SS!

But those aren't the only items that match up for the Catalina deal....

Crystal Light drink mix on sale for $1.50 and Use the B2G1 Coupon in the 4/3 SS

Kraft Salad Dressing on sale for $1.67 and use the $1 off 2 coupon from the 4/10 SS

Kraft Shredded Cheese on sale for $1.78 and use the $1 off 2 coupon from the 3/13 SS

Ritz Crackerfuls on sale for $2.50 and use the $1 off coupon from the 4/17 SS

But the Kraft deals aren't the only good deals this week!

I picked up 6 Fuze drinks on sale for $1 and used the $1 off 2 coupons from the 4/10 SS

I also picked up 5 boxes of Quick Cook Pasta on sale for $1 and used the $.55 off coupn from the 4/10 SS

McCormick Grillmate spices are still on sale for $1 and I used the $.75 off coupon from the 4/10 RP

Philadelphia Cooking Creme is also still on sale for $2. Use the $1.50 off coupon from the 3/6 SS and score it for .50!

I also used the $2 off any Purina Beyond Cat food on the small boxes that were $2.48, so only $.48 after coupon. I bought 5 and will be donating them to Stray Rescue St Louis!

I bought 2 cans of Dole Pineapple and used the $.50 off 2 coupon from the 4/10 SS. Cool Whip is on sale for $.88 and while I didn't have a coupon, I still thought it was a good price.

I also used two Free product coupons to buy my 12 pk of Coke Zero Vanilla and a 20 oz Cherry Coke I got from My Coke Rewards! I gave up Soda for Lent so I bought that Cherry Coke (my fav) to have Easter morning!

And since it was a $10 off $50 Thursday, I got $10 off and I used the $5 off $50 coupon from the St Louis Entertainment Book!

And just an FYI, Walgreens will have 100 ct packages of Splenda on sale for $2.99 next week and is offering Register Rewards in the same increments mentioned above. So after the coupons and RR it will be a Money Maker if you save those Splenda coupons!!!

Did you take advantage of the $10 off $50? If so, how'd you do?

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Still trying to figure ut how you do it. I am definitely not a numbers person and maybe I need to be to get it totally. I just wish I had the time to go through and figure it all out. No matter what I still come out paying a ton on groceries and I use coupons. Ugh! Maybe one of these days I'll get it.

  2. I always have huge problems using coupons at SnS. Today the cashier had to call the mgr. over twice and it took the manager over 5 min. to come and unlock the register. I had 14 coupons that saved me $12.00 plus the $10 off of $50. The cashier acted like I was the problem and said he never sees people with that many coupons.

  3. I didn't get as great a deal as you did today but still did pretty well!!! I saved $27 dollars with coupons and the $10 off!! I have used coupons for awhile but now I have realized how to really work it to save even more and just made a coupon binder!! I love it so much! I am a work in progress and will get a cart full of groceries for super cheap soon I just know it!!!

  4. Maybe I missed this at some point, but what is a catalina deal?

  5. I'm still figuring out how you do it but. I go yesturday and I paid $27.72 with the $10 off and all my coupons and I thought that was pretty good. I'm sure I'll get better at it. My thing is there are a lot of coupons out there for things we don't use.