Monday, April 11, 2011

Repurposing Your Stockpile: Easter M&M's

One thing I get asked quite often is 'What do you do with all of that Extra you get from couponing?'

The truth is, it depends. We donate quite a bit. But I also 'repurpose' some of what I get couponing. And that is what I am going to start, a series of posts dedicated to just that!

Easter is just around the corner so that means lots and lots of pastel!

When I think of pastel colors, I think of Baby Showers.

Buying specific colors of M&Ms can get quite costly. Instead, stock up on Easter M&Ms. These have the light pinks and baby blues you identify with a baby shower! Or even a spring wedding! Or Princess Party!

You could just set them out at the party or put them in goodie bags!

Think outside the box... or stockpile as it may be!

Check out my CVS Deals where Easter M&M's are $1.97 this week!

Feel free to leave a comment and let us know how you repurpose your stockpile items!


  1. I just found out that next week at Walgreen's M&Ms are 2 for $4 and they have a coupon in their April booklet for $1 off 2, plus if you have the $2 off 2 MQ, M&Ms are $1 for 2 bags. I'm stocking up for Easter baskets for all of the kids in my family! :)

  2. Wow, Great find Sarah, I will ammend the post to show that! Thanks for reading!

  3. What is the Mq being refered to?? Where is the $2off coupon available???