Monday, April 11, 2011

Reader's Questions

I want to know what YOU want to know!

When I first started couponing I know I had a TON of questions! I was doing my research and it was overwhelming to say the least...

Since I am just getting this blog off the ground, I figured this would be a perfect time to find out what you, the readers, want to know.

I have some ideas for posts but even I don't know exactly what you want to know!

So if you have any question at all, leave it in the comments. I will in turn, take these questions and answer them in posts!

So what are you waiting for! START ASKING!!!


  1. What are the best ways to get coupons?
    Can you do this on a smaller level, weekly? Every couple of weeks?
    How many stores do you normally shop when you do shop?
    When you have a coupon how do you find out it is on sale?

  2. all of you ideas say RP I know is stupid question but what does that stand for I was thinking the paper but I went thru the Sunday paper and didnt find mcormicks coupon.. thank you

  3. I want to know the coupon websites you use. There are so many out there, which ones do you find are the best bang for your "buck."

  4. What app are you using on your phone that lets you use excel spreadsheets (or something similar) to organize your shopping trip?

    @Anonymous, RP stands for Red Plum which is a coupon insert in the Sunday newspaper. Not all regions get the same coupons, so if you didn't find it in your paper, then your region did not get that coupon. The date before RP tells you what day the insert was from. So for the Mccormicks coupon, check the 3/13 or 4/10 Sunday Red Plum inserts. There are also clipping sites online (ebay, coupons by dede, coupon clippers, etc) where you can buy coupons that you want and did not get in your inserts.

  5. Ever thought about hosting a class

  6. Where can I find coupons for things I actually use. My problem with the clipping coupons from the Sunday paper is that there aren't any coupons for things I actually buy on a regular basis...and then if I clip a coupon, sometimes I won't use it because the store brand is still cheaper! SO frustrating. Like I don't use Tide...I use Arm&Hammer detergent. I can NEVER find a freaking coupon for that! But its cheap already, but yeah. I don't want to buy stuff just because I have a coupon for it. I don't want crap in my house because then I will eat it. I want to buy stuff I already buy and get it for cheaper. Ha!
    Do you understand my frustration? I really want to do this, but I want to do it without going overboard. Is it possible?

  7. I second Danielle's comment. I agree and believe that this has been the biggest stumbling block for me. I don't want to get things from the store that I will never use simply because I have a coupon for it. I would like to get things that I actually WANT to buy.... can this even be done? Thanks for the help!!

  8. I want to know how much time you spend each week clipping and finding coupons. I would also like to know how long you spend organizing your shopping trips, I would like to know how many stores you go to each week, and, finally, I would like to know how much time you spend at the stores each week. I know its a lot of questions, but I just started trying to do this and I seem to be spending too much time on some of this stuff.

  9. I have a question about matching coupons - I guess in general- but I will be doing this particular situation at Walgreens as I need diapers NOW. I have 2 sets of manufacturer's coupons with two different expiration dates. One states $2 off any 1 package of Huggies Little Movers Diapers. I also have one that states save $2 on any 1 package of Huggies Diapers. Huggies Diapers are on sale at Walgreens for $8.99/package. Will I be able to use both coupons on the diapers for a oop price of $4.99/package?

    As I said, I am attempting this this evening so if you can get to this question before then I would greatly appreaciate it.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    I wanted to get to your question real quick since you are planning on going this evening... You can only use one manufacturers coupon per item. SO if you wanted to use both coupons you would have to buy 2 things of diapers and pay $6.99 each. The only time you can stack coupons is if it is a store coupon with a manufacturers coupon. For example, if Walgreens had an in-ad coupon that was a store coupon and you had a manufacturers coupon (and you would need a "filler" item like a pack of gum or candy. This is because at walgreens the amount of coupons you use has to egual the amount of items you have... like you want to use a store coupon and a manufacturers coupon you would need 2 items even though they were both for, say, diapers.) I hope this helps and I didn't ramble to much and confuse you! Good luck and happy shopping...

    And I will be answering all of the readers questions in a post coming soon! I haven't forgotten about y'all, I have just been having the most hectic few weeks of my life! Thanks for understanding! Keep reading and keep couponing!!

  11. Do stores like Schnuck's & Dierbergs automatically double the coupons? I know some stores may do it on certain days, but when they scan are they automatically doubled??

  12. To comment on jessica's post about walgreens - i have been told that they have baby coupons (like their in store coupons)and you may have to go the cosmetic department to ask for them. I keep forgetting to ask about these at my local walgreens