Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mailbox Surprises!

It has been raining in St Louis for over a week! We have had more Tornado warnings in the past week than we have had the entire 3 years we have been in St Louis! Hopefully April Showers will be done soon so we can start to see some of those May Flowers, even though I would just be excited to see some SUN!

But when its gloomy and dreary outside, it just kind of puts you in that kind of a mood too, ya know. Even with all this rain and drearyness, I was still excited to see my mailbox surprise today!

In the mail today was a pamphlet from Pringles! In it was 4 coupons and one was for a free canister of chips! I hadn't signed up for anything so I was REALLY shocked to see these coupons! But a few minutes later Chris admitted he was the one who had signed up through an email he had gotten several weeks ago!

Have you gotten anything exciting in the mail recently?


  1. It won't let me click submit :(

  2. I just got (2) .35 off Jiff PB from me writing to them asking for coupons good on any Jiff product because the Reduced fat is more $ & most sales don't apply to the reduced fat. I may have asked for them, but didn't expect it, & had forgotten about it, so nice surprise in the mailbox...instead of the usual bills, lol.