Saturday, April 23, 2011

Target and Walmart 4/23

I have not gone couponing at Target or Walmart in a nice LONG while so I decided I would take a trip out there.

I always feel like Target and Walmart are more pricey at the stores I shop at OR the shelves are empty for the products I am looking for. While I had a few of those problems today, I was still able to score some Great Deals!!

At Target, my before coupon total was $52.83 and I paid $11.24! Not the best trip ever but I was still ok with it!

I picked up 6 Ore-ida potato products on sale B2G1 at $2.49. I used 3 $1 off 2 coupons from the 4/3 SS and paid just $1.16 per bag! When I need a quick side these are PERFECT!

I bought 4 nail clippers and 1pair of tweezers. The nail clippers at my store sold for $1.84 and the tweezers for $2.29 and I used the $2 off any Revlon Beauty tool Target coupon from the 4/17 SS. And I'm sure you are thinking... who needs 4 nail clippers... well I will be giving these as personal care item donations or just silly stocking stuffers!

I also picked up 2 boxes of Allegra Allergy 5ct for free that are on sale for 6.48. I used the $2 off Target coupon from here and the $5 off coupon from the 4/17 SS. ( You can combine Target coupons with a manufacter's coupon!)

I bought 5 Rimmel Mascaras on sale for $2.24 and used 4 $2 off any Rimmel Mascara coupons from here and 1 $2 off any Rimmel Mascara coupon from the April issue of All You Magazine so I paid just $.24 for each Mascara!

I also bought 1 Nivea Women's Body Wash on sale for $3.99 and used the $3 off coupon from the 4/17 SS and used a $1 off any Nivea Body Wash Target coupon I got in the mail a few weeks ago.

But as silly as it sounds I was most excited about the Orbit Gum on sale for $.99! I had been wanting to try the new Strawberry flavor so I used the $.75 off Target coupon from here!!

There were only a few things I was interested in at Walmart but I figured I would stop buy since I was in the area. I usually shy away from Walmart because it is ALWAYS a madhouse!

I picked up 2 Toy Story 3 Operations Games on Rollback for $5!!! I used the $3 off any Operation game coupon from here or from here and paid just $2!! This is PERFECT for Christmas gifts or a last minute Birthday gift!

I also bought an Iron Man 2 Arc Light toy one sale for $3.50 and used the $3 off any Iron Man 2 toy coupon toy from here! Another great gift idea!

And Last but not least I bought Lysol wipes, something I LOVE! They had 2 packs on sale for $2.52 and I used the $1.50 coupon from here so I paid just $.51 each!!! I could have bought them at Target for $.39 each but I would have only gotten 2, and this way I got 4!!

What kind of stuff did you find at Target or Walmart?

Happy Shopping!


  1. I used the $3.00 Nivea coupons this week at Walmart and got 2 men body washes and 2 women body washes for was magical! Debbie D.

  2. dont forget the free tombstone pizza rebate for those games.

  3. does anybody know if i can combine manufacturer coupon and walmart coupon? because I have a couple of kellogg's cereal coupons (walmart's coupons) and manufacturer coupons too.