Monday, April 25, 2011

Entertainment Book: $15 and FREE Shipping!

If you have been following my blog, more specifically my Shop N Save posts, you might be a little familiar with the Entertainment Book.

If you are new to couponing you might have been asking yourself what the Entertainment Book is and why I keep mentioning it. If you have been couponing awhile you might already know the answers to these questions.

But if you are new, this is a great resource for coupons. In this book there are coupons for all kinds of places from McDonalds and other fast food restaurants! It has coupons for sit down restaurants, and family activities!

But the BEST part about the St Louis Entertainment book isn't the Chik-fil-a coupons, even though those are awesome, its the Shop N Save coupons!

Each St Louis Entertainment Book has SIX Shop N Save coupons for $5 off $50 purchase!!! These coupons can be combined with Shop N Save's $10 off $50 promotion! So if you spend $50 worth of groceries and shop on a $10 off $50 Thursday AND use the $5 off coupon then you are automatically getting $15 dollars off before coupons!!!

Entertainment books are good until November so that means there is only about 6 months until the new Entertainment Book comes out! But that is good news for you because Entertainment books are at a HUGE Discount! They usually retail for $35 and you can pick them up at Walgreens, CVS or Shop N Save to name a few.

But if you buy it from here you can pick it up for $15 a book!!! And if you buy more than one book they are only $10 after the first $15 book!! That means for the same price ($35) that you can buy it at Shop N Save or Walgreens, you can buy 3 books here!!! AND to top all of that its FREE SHIPPING!!!

This past week I used my last $5 off $50 coupon so this deal had PERFECT timing! So if you need an Entertainment Book either for yourself or a gift go here to pick one up and have it sent straight to your door!!

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