Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rain Checks!!!

Rain, Rain, Go Away. Come Again Another Day!

With all the rain and storms we have been having recently, I figured it would be a good time to talk about rain checks!

Have you ever walked into a store expecting to get a great deal only to walk in and see the shelf is empty!

It's quite a bummer, I know, I've been there. But there is a way to beat that feeling... Rain Checks!!!

Personally, I think Rain checks get their name from the gloomy feeling you get when you see an empty shelf... And then when you go back to the store to pick up the product, it's like the Sun has come out and is shining on the great deal you just got!!

But in all seriousness, rain checks are great. Stores inevitably don't keep their shelves stocked up enough when a good sale hits. When this happens, simply go to customer service or the cashier and have them write you up a rain check at the advertised sale price!

Then when the sale is over and the shelves are fully stocked again, you can get the deal for the same price as previously advertised!

CVS is great about rain checks! They never expire and you can still get the ECB that was advertised with the deal!

Walgreens' rain checks aren't as good though. If it is just for an item on sale, with no RR attached to the deal, their rain checks are great! And unlike CVS, Walgreens will not issue rain checks for items with Register Rewards.

But even with some stipulations, Rain Checks are great tool to take advantage of!

And don't be afraid to ask for one! I have heard all kinds of excuses from cashiers before, but it's not your fault it's not in stock!

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  1. I just had this issue at walgreens with the Reach toothbrushes...i was able to get the raincheck, but you just dont get the RR :(

  2. Same. CVS is awesome though

  3. Do you have to get a raincheck for each item you want to buy? Like for the toothbrushes, if you wanted to buy 10 of them, do you have to get 10 rainchecks, or how does that work?

  4. My hubby and I were just talking about this last night, this would also work well oat your local grocer, meat is a big expense that is hard to find coupons for. So if they are sold out of a great meat sale you can lock in that price for as long as the rain check is good for & compare sale prices :)