Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The B1G1 Dilemma: Answered

With two back to back B1G1 sales paired with B1G1 coupons, I have been getting lots of questions asking how this works.

B1G1 sales can really become so much better when you combine these sales with coupons, but there are several different coupon scenarios that can be paired with a B1G1 sale and it's good to be educated on all of them!

B1G1 Coupon With A B1G1 Sale:

Not all stores allow this, but stores like Walgreens and CVS do. This may seem like you are defeating the purpose but you really aren't. This is because the stores sale or promotion is different from your coupon.

This also works best if you imagine your coupons are cash, because when you use a coupon the retailer is being reimbursed for the coupon.

When a store is having a B1G1 sale you have to buy two products to get the store's deal. When you use a B1G1 coupon, the manufacturer is essentially offering the same deal. But the store sale is separate from the coupon and this is when imagining your coupon is cash comes in. You are essentially paying for the other item with a coupon but the store is just being reimbursed later rather than now, but you get both free! And you only have to buy two products to get this deal!!

B1G1 Sale With Money Off Coupons:

Like I stated before, to get the B1G1 sales you have to buy two products. But what most people don't realize is that you can use a coupon on each of those items!

And just like with the above scenario, the store's promotion is different from manufacturer's coupons.

For example: The store sale is Buy one at $4 get one free. Let's say you have two $2 off any one product coupons. Because you are buying two products you can use a coupon for each one, thus making each product Free! (and this is why I suggest buying 2 papers each Sunday!)

But if you only had a $2 off 2 products coupons you would only be able to use one coupon as the coupon is for use on two products.

Like with all things, if you want to find out about store specific rules, check to see if there is a coupon policy for your store. And you can always double check with customer service!

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  1. ok..I am a pretty good couponer and Walgreens is my personal favorite. As stated above the B1G1 sales can cause some issues at the checkout with cashiers who do not know policy. This happened to me Sun at Walgreens (Olive/Hanley)the checker would not accept my B1G1 coupon on the B1G1 Clean and Clear Body wash. This particular Walgreen refuses B1G1 coupons when the store flyer has a B1G1 sale them selves. This was the case a few weeks ago as well when the Gillette B1G1 sale was on. I have never had an issue in any other store except this one. Please save your time..go to another Walgreens and you will be fine. Again..it is the Walgreens at Olive and Hanley (24hr store)