Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Memorial Day Deals

I finally got a chance to get to the drugstores yesterday! I felt like I hadn't been in forever!

But I started out at CVS where I picked up 6 3-pk Ivory soaps that I had a raincheck for, 5 Fuze drinks, 4 Oral B toothbrushes, 2 Crest toothpastes, 1 Bic Soliel Shimmer Razor, 1 Sure Deodorant, 2 Nature Made vitamins I found on clearance, 1 Preparation Wipes and 2 M&M singles for $7.67! And I still have a $2 ECB left!

Then I went to Walgreens, I picked up 6 ICYHOT creams all for FREE!

Then my last stop was Schnucks! I picked up 5 Weber spices and 2 Blue Bunny Ice Creams for $3.10!!

I also wanted to show you all my GREAT clothing finds from this weekend. Banana Republic Outlet had 40-60% off everything in the store. That made my clearance finds (the 2 on the left) that were $3.97, only $2.38 each! And the one in the middle was on clearance for $9.99 and I picked it up for $5.98!

Old Navy was also having a sale where the ENTIRE outlet store was 40% off! I picked up both shirts on the right for $5.50!!

Did you score any great deals this weekend?

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  1. Where is there an Old Navy OUTLET near STL?

  2. There is an Old Navy Outlet at Mills Mall! I went yesterday and got 5 pairs of sandals. I had a coupon for $10 off any purchase of $10 or more! I ended up spending $0.55 on 5 pairs of sandals! Not too shabby!

  3. So that's where all the icy hot went, LOL.
    I know some people complain about everything being gone, but my way of thinking is that if it's not there I really didn't need it & someone else did.
    Still really new at couponing(only my 2nd time using coupons at Walgreens, but I did really well this time around)
    Ended up paying oop around $45, really love the register rewards we earned last week and on this day to help pay for all this:
    Act II popcorn: 16
    Degree deodorant: 9
    Cover girl makeup: 4
    Reynolds wrap: 7
    Listerine: 3
    Dry idea:2 (free)
    J&J First Aid Kit: 7
    J&J Tape:1
    Bandaid: 1
    Cortaid: 2
    First aid kit: 5(free)
    Bufferin: 1 (Boyfriend was starting to get a headache :) Water:1
    and other personal items for daughter:4
    Our total savings was almost $250. we ended up ringing it up in 4 transactions & thought they must not have rung it up right when one of our transactions only cost 83cents.
    Ended up donating a bunch of stuff(for Joplin)to the Blues in exchange for pre-season tickets.
    So it worked out well all around.

  4. We also tried Schnucks this weekend (not too well) Savings around $140, but oop was half that. I couldn't pass up the deal on 36 Hamburger helper and 22 suddenly salad (had a ton of coupons from GM spring savings book) Also bought 9 grands biscuits, 2 OM turkey franks, 5 Marzetti dressings (all free), 2 boxes of cereal, 8 12packs of pepsi, and snacks for daughter's choir party.
    Also donated more than half of this to Joplin again for pre-season tickets.

  5. Also forgot to mention the 8 Knorr pastas.

  6. Where is the nearest banana republic outlet? I'm kind of a brand snob (I know the Goodwills that carry them) but it's nice to get something new every once in awhile. :)

  7. where do u guys get the bulk of your food coupons, i still dont know how to work the food coupons, help