Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Monthly Budget: May 2011

If you are new to my site, my monthly budget really helps keep my spending in check. For myself, my boyfriend and our 2 dogs I have a monthly budget of $50! And nope I'm not missing a zero!

We are able to accomplish this by using items from our stockpile and making the most of sales and coupons!

This month I made 11 trips and only spent $31.97!!! I think that might be a monthly record for me!

See exactly how I did below:

Walgreens 5/1/11- $0! Check it out here!

Shop N Save 5/12/11- $10.30! Check out my post here!!

Walgreens 5/14/11- $0!! Check it out here!

CVS 5/14/11- $0! Check it out here!

Petsmart 5/14/11- $0! Check out my post here!

Target 5/14/11- $.01! Check out the deal here!

Shop N Save 5/26/11- $5.80! See how I did here!

Shop N Save 5/26/11- $5.04! Check it out here!

CVS 5/30/11- $7.67! See the deals here!

Walgreens 5/30/11- $0! Check it out here!

Schnucks 5/30/11- $3.10! Check out what I got here!

I hope that June brings more GREAT deals like this month! Now I just need to decide what to do with my leftover $18.03!!!

To see what how I did in April, check out my post here!!


  1. Does the $31.97 include the produce from the farmer's market?

  2. Hi, just wondering if you have a seperate budget for items such as milk, meat, and produce? I have found very few coupons for these items and the ones I do find never make them less than $1 or Free.

    So, do you use these types of items, and if so, what is the budget on them?

  3. Also, you said you are able to accomplish the $50 budget by using items from your stockpile. Did you find when you were first starting out with couponing that your monthly budget was higher due to not having as many items stocked? Thanks.