Friday, May 20, 2011

Great Day Sneak Peak: Shop N Save trip

UPDATE: If you watched Great Day St Louis morning you saw that I picked up all of these Groceries for $10.30 Out of Pocket and got back a $10 coupon for my next trip! $.30 for all that!!!

To see what other kind of deal I have picked up by couponing, check out my posts here!


I have been holding out on this photo until it got a little closer to the Great Day Segment airing!

But this is what I bought during my shopping trip with Virginia Kerr! And the picture is actually missing 3 items! A bag of kettle cooked chips and another box of popcorn, I didn’t realize items had fallen out of the bag on my way home! AND a Mr Pibb 20 oz… shopping can really make you thirsty!!

Anyone want to take a guess to how much I paid? I will post the answer here after the show airs!

And just to give you a few hints… it’s not as good as my past few trips at all (Bummer), but I got a $10 Catalina back!

Check out Great Day St Louis to see how I did or check back here around 11am to see how much I spent!!

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