Sunday, May 01, 2011

My Monthly Budget: April 2011

If you watched my episode of Extreme Couponing, you may recall that I have a $50 monthly budget for myself, my boyfriend and our 2 dogs.

It took a lot of work to get to a point where we could have a $50 budget. We use items from our stockpile so that unless I can get items for next to nothing, its not always a good deal for me!

Each month I am going to tell you exactly what I paid for with my $50 budget! I post about it each week but I want to show you the OVERALL monthly picture!

This month I made 12 trips for a TOTAL of $44.64 for the ENTIRE month of April!

CVS 4/10/11 - $.92! Check out my Post here!

Shop N Save 4/14/11- $3.50! Check the post here!

Walgreens 4/17/11- $2! Check it out here!

CVS 4/17/11- $1.52! Check out the post here!

Schnucks 4/18/11- $0! Check it out here!

Shop N Save 4/20/11- $7.30! Check out the post here!

Shop N Save 4/21/11- $.69! Check it out here!

CVS 4/23/11- $4.83! Check it out here!

Target 4/23/11- $11.24! Check out the post here!

Walmart 4/23/11- $2.04! Check it out here! (And this doesn't include the toys! (Those go to the Christmas budget!))

CVS 4/24/11- $2.22! Check out the post here!

Walgreens 4/30/11- $7.33! Check it out here!

And I'm off to a GREAT start this month by paying a Grand total of $0 at Walgreens today!!


  1. So I notice the only meat you bought this month was the chicken deal at SnS. Does meat have better deals usually? If not, how do you get enough for meals?

  2. Hi I was wondering how much you budget a month for fresh produce. This is the area I have the hardest time budgeting for, and I'm still not sure how how to do it even after we went vegetarian. Do you go to farmers markets or grow your own?

  3. P.S. Thanks for the detailed posts, it's interesting to see how you do it.