Saturday, May 14, 2011

Volunteer For FREE Beer!!

Since I am on the topic of Alcohol, I figured I would share another way to get Free Beer!

If you are in the St Louis Area on June 10th and 11th, you can sign up to volunteer to help at the St Louis Brewer's Heritage Festival. When you volunteer you get a free T-shirt and a ticket to go to another session of the festival, other than the one you are working! And not only are you getting FREE beer, you are also helping a GREAT cause!

All proceeds from the festival are donated to Lift for Life. Its a non-profit that provides after school activities and meals to underpriviledged kids, and they provide transportation for the kids to and from Lift for Life. This keeps kids safe, off the streets and out of trouble!

This will be the third year Chris and I have volunteered and it is a GREAT time! 15 Brewer's come and showcase over 75 styles of Beer, so there is something for everyone! Personally I am a big fan of the fruit beers!

If this is something that interests you check out the site here! Information on how to volunteer is in the middle of the page once you verify your age. There are still lots of spots to Volunteer for Saturday!!

Tickets are sold for $30! So by giving up some of your time you are saving $30 a person and helping a great cause!

Note: You must be 21 and up to attend and volunteer.

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