Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cheap Liquor, Yes Please

Beer and Liquor can get quite expensive, especially if you are buying Grey Goose and Jack Daniel's!

And while buying the rail liquor is cheap, watching for rebates can be even cheaper. For instance I have found VERY cheap vodka in the past week!

I was a Sam's Club and found Pearl Vodka for $11.48! Now $11.48 might not sound like the best price, but hanging on all of the bottles was a rebate for $20 wyb 2 bottles! After the rebate that now makes each bottle just $1.48!! Wooooo!! AND it comes in several flavors other that just Plain Vodka! Pearl vodka has a Orange, Citrus and Cucumber flavor!!

I pick up the Orange and Citrus, I wasn't brave enough to try the Cucumber!

Thursday I was in Randall's Wine and Spririts. If you aren't from the St Louis area, this is literally like a Beer, Wine and Liquor Warehouse. When friends and family come to visit we always take them to Randall's because the size and variety is incredible!

I was walking around Randall's looking at all of the rebates on the liquor bottles to see if I could find one worth picking up. I came across Pucker's new flavored vodka line. Randall's had them on sale for $12.49 and hanging on the bottle was a rebate for $10. After the rebate the vodka will only be $2.49!! Umm, AWESOME! It comes in Grape, Cherry, Citrus and Sour Apple!

The best part of both of these rebates is that neither are for rail vodka!! And just in time for Summer Cookouts!

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